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Kodály Centre


Conference rooms

The full audience of the great hall can be placed in the two 300-seat conference rooms, and in the five 40-seat section rooms.
The ground floor conference room can be divided into two individual rooms. One full wall of the first-floor conference room hides a mirror wall.

Besides the great hall there are two more conference rooms; one smaller and one larger that can be divided into two parts. There are also five section rooms that have such acoustic characters that enable them to function as rehearsal rooms.



Flawless equipment: the ground floor conference hall can be divided into two smaller ones of full value.





Mirror room: one side of the fully equipped conference room on the first floor hides a mirror wall.

Section rooms

Besides the great hall there are five 20-50-seat section rooms to serve the demand of the customers. Due to their acoustic characteristics they can also be used as a rehearsal room.